7 segment displays on fluorescent lamps
7 segment displays on fluorescent lamps

7 segment displays of  large sizes  on standard linear fluorescent lamps

I am offering you my  development of 7 segment displays of  large sizes based on standard linear fluorescent lamps.
This development became possible due to a special start-up circuit  of fluorescent lamps ensuring their instant start-up and plenty of on/off cycles. For lamps such as TL 30W/54  8 million of  on/off cycles  in the mode of 2sec. on – 2sec. off  are achieved. There is an opportunity of the further increase of this parameter.

Advantages of 7 segment displays on fluorescent lamps:

 -high efficiency at  large brightness;
 -high distinguishability, caused:
     -by uniformity of  luminescence of a segment;
      -by high contrast of a luminous segment - background - not luminous segment ;
 -wide scale of colors   due to the use of  an appropriate light filter;
 -wide range of  sizes;
 -wide field of vision up to 160 °;
 -low cost.

The demonstration sample of 7 segment displays using  6W fluorescent lamps  has the following basic parameters:

height of a symbol


width of a segment


time of ignition of a segment


voltage/current of a controlling  signal


While using  lamps of a greater capacity the sizes of the indicator are increased proportionally. For example, by using 30W fluorescent lamp the height of a symbol increases up to 2.2m and the width of a segment – up to 0.12m.
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