Electronic clock skeleton allows:

to demonstrate original decoration of your home, office, place of sale ...;

to become a wonderful gift that will not leave anyone indifferent;

to implement original and effective advertising of a brand (hotel chain, gas stations, etc.

Electronic clock skeleton has the peculiarity of:

    using variable colored background to display or duplicate information about time;

    visibility of the internal structure of the clock located on a variable colored background (skeleton);

    оriginal principle of clock operation;

    the convenience of setting the clock by bluetooth smartphone.


Electronic clock skeleton displays: hours, minutes and seconds. Besides that, with a variable coloured background it can:
  • indicate the day of the week;
  • duplicate indications of seconds, minutes or hours;
  • create colored light effects to the background of the clock.
This clock has a unique operating principle (WO/2011/062569 – «Method of visualization of information about time the «POLYLINE  HANDS»), which is illustrated by the examples on the Fig. 1:
  • hours - short hand;
  • minutes - the end of the polyline hand;
  • second – short flashes on the circular dial.
  • Operating principle of clock POLYLINE HAND

    With help of your smartphone via bluetooth is carried out:
    The clock case is made of wood (oak).
    To order the clock you can choose:

    Clock case

    Presentation of videos project

    Current state of development - Electronic clock skeleton

    It has done a working prototype, which provided all the functions listed above and shown in the photos and the video.

    The creator - Electronic clock skeleton

    Aleksandr Sheremeta - inventor, assignee, Ph.D., Associate Professor, UKRAINE, VINNITSA.

    All my previous work can be found at: http://www.df-light.com.ua

    Thank you

    I would like to thank you for your support with this project.


    Aleksandr Sheremeta inventor, assignee, UKRAINE, VINNITSA

    mobile phone +38-097-260-61-97

    E-mail: ap.sheremeta@gmail.com

    The creator